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High Tail Hall 2 Sex Games

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Originally named Pendragon Entertainment, until early when Crowchild changed the name. Yay furry sex, but what's up with that circle thing high tail hall 2.0 you enter the code? Last we saw of him, he was hightailing down the street.

High Tail Hall began its hugh as a discussion on the Yiffstar messageboards.

Jul 14, - was looking SO From HTH 1 to the HTH 2 beta they made high tail hall 2 full. the most popular furry porn game. furry sex | play porn games.

So halo upgrade the game and remove content? I think the developers were smoking a little too much. Sexy Swimmer The Eyes There's the white fox with the big tits in the bar, the brown high tail hall 2.0 by the EXIT door, and the tan fox next to that parrot.

tail hall 2.0 high

Are you gay or something? Rio suffered an irreversible crash, erasing all progress that Crowchild made on both of the projects.

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On October 31st,Crowchild released an image of the beta of the bar scene and a sound test of Maxwell Moore from a once-planned remake of High Tail Hall 1.

This was dropped in favor of recreating the original hall on the island while keeping the new locations and characters. Twilight Cavern was a fan cohabitation walkthrough spin-off of the original High Tail Hall created by Jack Salemwhich was planned to consist of High Tail Hall's pre-existing characters and locations alongside new ones created high tail hall 2.0 Jack.

high tail hall 2.0

hall high 2.0 tail

Twilight Cavern was planned to have 12 female hal, 1 male character, and 6 locations. Twilight Cavern was planned to include exclusively heterosexual content. A musical score, consisting of mostly jazz tracks, was composed by Jack himself.

tail 2.0 high hall

high tail hall 2.0 Upon Jack Salem discovering in that High Tail Hall was relaunched, the Twilight Cavern project became a separate project, dropping "High Tail Hall" from the title and removing Crowchild 's characters and any ties to them. Jack stated on YiffStar, the same website the project was first announced on, that he high tail hall 2.0 continuing to work on Twilight Cavern.

Jack Salem later free hentai mobile on the YiffStar forum that he started a commission service as a fundraiser to support the hwll of the Twilight Cavern project.

He was working on establishing a new website and planned on taking commissions for new characters shortly afterward.

tail 2.0 high hall

As ofA short interactive animated preview released on December 25, and several images of the characters are all that has been released of the Twilight Cavern project. The current state of the Twilight Cavern project is unknown.

tail 2.0 high hall

Send large files, preview visual assets, collect precise feedback and keep creative projects moving in one easy and jigh solution. Try Hightail for free.

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Times it has been spotted: Additional extracted data from this flash file can be found on the file's info page. Visitors High tail hall 2.0 visitors center will update every time there is a patch or a content update.

Inside the High Tail Hall, anything can happen. In this parallel universe, talk high tail hall 2.0 the strange animal characters that act like humans and you will find out that. The California Trail was an emigrant trail of. Game - High Tail Hall 2.

High Tail Hall 2

Merge this question into. Split and merge into it. High tail hall is a flash game made by HTH high tail hall 2.0. The game features the character walking round a bar with many interactive anthropomorphic characters. Most of these characters the player can have sex with.

There is no real objective of the game.

News:I love the 2 High Tail Hall but they are not enough challlenging high tail hall erotic is different but still it is a great sex game i give it a score of

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