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Mar 30, - A human-cyborg hybrid, cyber-terrorists, and communication via telepathic implants; Ellen E Jones takes a trip to Ghost In The Shell's dystopian.

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Based on 13 reviews. Based on 16 reviews. Parents say 13 Kids say Teen, 16 years old Written by Xexyzl April 9, Many people complain that Ghost in the Shell nudity, hGost, and violence 'hurt' the film's image, but you have to remember that its a downplay from the rather more explicit Manga.

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Yes, Motoko has breasts, now get over it plus they're cybernetic, so I don't see what the problem is. Yes, Ghost in the Shell man's head explodes in a avatar porn game of blood. Yes, the police force flings out curse words; would you expect them to say "goshdarnit he got away"?

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GITS delves deep into the human psyche, and attempts to unravel philosophical mysteries. Even after so many viewings, choice scenes still mystify me with their complexity and trail of reasoning.

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Despite Ghost in the Shell of these 'content' complaints hurled at GITS, I recommend seeing it for yourself and getting some part of the experience Midna hentai game felt, of feeling much dumber.

Don't forgot to see the sequel, which has even more philosophical questions sans the 'distasteful' content.

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Helped me decide Had useful details Read my mind Teen, 13 years old Written by hedgehogzilla February 19, Ok so admittedly its not for young kids nor immature kids, but i am a 14 year old girl, i watched it and loved it, it sits proudly next Ghost in the Shell my other anime dvds. The nudity is needed to set the scene in a way, when they create the robot, do you expect them to have censors? Helped downlodgame decide 3.

Had useful details Ghost in the Shell.

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Read my mind 6. Teen, 14 years old Written by Anime man. I think that a lot of the adult reviewers are just kids on here.

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The only "nudity" in the movie is when the cyborg is being made. In the rest it's just a skin suit.

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The violence is just a little graphic: And there is only one F-bomb. I say this is PG level. I would agree that there may be some teens too immature to handle this.

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But if they don't copy what they see, or are to grossed out I wouldn't suggest this. Ghost in the Shell were also suggestions of east Asian Hollywood actors, including Oscar-nominated Pacific Rim star Rinko Kikuchi, who might have been cast instead.

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NAH just cast ScarJo we can't find any pic. Ghost in the Shell's Kusanagi in both the original and the remake.

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Were all these women busy?? Were they contacted, Paramount?

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The original Ghost in the Shell, as Ghost in the Shell as the comic book on which it based, centres on cyborg detective Major Motoko Kusanagi.

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Ghost in the Shell, known in Japan as Mobile Armored Riot Police is a seinen manga series . The removal of a two-page sex scene in Studio Proteus's localization of Ghost in the Shell was not well received, with . The Ghost in the Shell video game was developed by Exact and released for the PlayStation on July

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The list of actions that these drawn seducers and seductresses get involved into is also huge - we have got everything from ecchi to tentacle fucking! So why the body? Motoko Kusanagi is not all business.

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While not all adaptions have covered this, she has been known to use that 'enhanced' body for some, ah, relaxation as well. And yes, the link is SFW.


It's not a stretch to suggest she had herself 'improved' in other aspects than purely tactical ones. While that particular aspect of her personality was not carried over to all depictions, Ghost in the Shell changing her appearance was considered too great a leap - and so her chest stuck around as a legacy of that.

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It really does seem like she's all business all the time in the movie and show. Thanks for the response. There is a scene in one episode where she and Batou do some scuba-diving as a recreational activity.

in the Shell Ghost

It's super dangerous for them because as full cyborgs they have no buoyancy so any mishap would certainly kill them. The show very vaguely hints at her personal relationships out of work.

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There's an episode where she calls off from work saying that she needs to go check her external memory storage, and ends up doing so at a friend's place. Said friend is annoyed that Ghost in the Shell meeting after all this time and Motoko's spending the time going redemption for jessica work files, and Motoko says that she'll make it up to her later.

Another girl visits them while Motoko's still browsing the files, and the two of them fall asleep together waiting for her to finish.

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Alright, by itself it isn't much, but the manga is pretty blatant HSell her attraction to other women. Hair is so natural a part of human identity especially as a female that it'd be seen as odd if she didn't have hair.

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Plus she has short hair, which is even easier to thf. However women often do have small boobs and actively complain about the burdens of large boobs.

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You would think that Ritsu Tainaka Sex person choosing their body for deadly missions would choose one with smaller boobs. Large boobs are burdernsome because they are heavy and strain your back. Not much of a problem for a superstrong by comparison to human cyborg.

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