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Sep 20, - BlazBlue Homura Amanohokosaka Story Mode Avatar Homura's sex is never disclosed in the Japanese version of the games.

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- and Blazblue Makoto Carl

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We have the largest library of xxx Pics on the web. Homura is a young effeminate, yet androgynous human. He has knee-long brown hair, amber eyes, and a pale complexion; on Homura's Blazblue - Carl and Makoto, there is a small red mark. He wears a highly stylised orange and white sokutai that stops high up on his thighs with small golden ornaments hanging at the rims, and Blazblue - Carl and Makoto tied to his waist with a white bow; a red scarf is tied around his collar.

A tall black hat sits upon Homura's head that has intricate golden details near its base, and he wears orange platforms over long white socks.

- Carl Makoto Blazblue and

According to his mother, Homura inherited his father's hair colour. During his reign as Imperator, Homura wears a deep purple version of his usual sokutai over numerous layers of red, white, and green kimonos.

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Instead of his large hat, he wears a large, golden, circular headpiece that faces forward, and instead of his orange platforms, Homura wears red ones. Regal and graceful - Homura does not speak much within the series, often keeping quiet whenever present, but isn't afraid to speak his mind, such as defying the wishes of Kagura Mutsuki on at least more than one occasion. Homura is very polite Blablue understanding, pornos adults girls shown a great deal of gratitude to Bang Shishigami for leading ane Ikaruga people in his free adult anime games, but is also humble, asking that those around him don't fret over his safety.

Homura is very close to Kagura, and Blazblue - Carl and Makoto fond of Bang. Child of and successor to Lord Tenjo, 'Homura Amanohokosaka'.

Blazblue - Carl and Makoto has been searching for the child for a long while. Since the Ikaruga Civil War, he has long been missing. However, Kagura has him under his protection, as per Lord Tenjo's request. He went missing, but was under Kagura's protection.

Taokaka Biography Gallery Gameplay Quotes. Arakune Biography Gallery Gameplay Quotes. Hakumen Biography Gallery Gameplay Quotes.

and Blazblue - Makoto Carl

Tsubaki Yayoi Biography Gallery Quotes. Hazama Biography Gallery Gameplay Quotes. Hellsing Biography Gallery Quotes. Will edit if i find the answer before anyone responds. Edited to Clarify Specifically what i want more info on. I'd say it's pretty Blazblue - Carl and Makoto that a lot of characters have fooled Makogo outside of the story, though it's hard to say given everyone's behavior toward sex, intimacy, and relationships in the game.

Dec 8, - More for BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION. Explore more games and downloadable content for BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION!

Blazbule Other than the crossover characters, hot girl sex game only characters I'd absolutely bank on being virgins Blazblue - Carl and Makoto Noel more or less confirmed by herselfNu, Lambda, Carl, Tao, Rachel, and Izanami. I bet Naoto piped Raquel tbh Oh yea, Kagura. I dont know the light novel. I know she seemed to adn really open minded in remix heart. I dont recall any males she was Blazblue - Carl and Makoto really into, so there's no saying that she's bisexual at all.

Makoto shows a pretty obvious, if shallow, interest in Naoto during the last leg of the story.

- Makoto and Blazblue Carl

I've seen people here interprete their interaction in other ways, but it's pretty explicit. And despite this knowledge Makoto herself can't help falling for the said sociopath, even though she knows that this can only end in more troubles. The situation only gets more warped blue jellyfish hentai Blazblue - Carl and Makoto and Ragna switch bodies after being affected by a strange phenomenon.

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As they are forced to pretend to be Blazhlue other, Makoto tries to support them. But will her Blazblue - Carl and Makoto be enough to make them overcome almost ten years of their dysfunctional relationship and the supernatural interference? This fic has been Franks adventure 2 hiatus for some time now.

I may return to it in the future, adn for anv I need to take a break from it. Noel has been tasked to find Jin Kisaragi, but with her extra appendage, the task becomes an adventure. Tsubaki ends up trapped in a cell in Sector Seven after losing her sight to the Izayoi and allowing Jin to die.

While awaiting interrogation, Makoto comes to see her and reveals that she's been a double agent all along. Blazblue - Carl and Makoto make amends with one another, and it escalates into lovemaking.

Makoto - a lovely kitty-girl and Carl - a sporty, huge-cocked sex-maniac are ready to fight! Click "Play" again to speed up the action and finish the game!

Makoto calls Mai, only to find her taking it from behind from Blazblue - Carl and Makoto. When they notice Mai, have her Czrl in for a threesome. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Remember Me Forgot password?

and Makoto - Carl Blazblue

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